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BlockchainFar is one of a few IT companies that provides Blockchain and web3.0 development services with an engineered method

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Blockchain startups are throwing their time and money in the bin because they don't have the right team to build a business. 99% of the projects are coming from developers trying some cool stuff on the web3.0 and don’t know they can create a business from that. What brings success to both the project and investors is building the project with specific features for the users, and a special business model that actually works especially for the blockchain.

BlockchainFar is not only provides the blockchain development team but also we have a specific transparent methodology for consulting and developing blockchain-based projects.

At first, we specifically analyze the idea and business model and do the research on how feasible the business model is. There is no need if the idea is developed 100 times, we find a feature to add to it that makes it distinguishable from others. Then, we would generate reports about what we want to achieve, what is the most feasible way to achieve that, and most importantly, how long it takes to achieve the goals.

After reports are generated and confirmed, we will get into the design phase, we design the prototype for the whole project. Our customers can see the end product from the beginning. This has some different benefits for the founder, and also for the development team. The founder can show the prototype to potential customers and end users. We can get feedback from real users and the project will have its first users even before getting ready. A win-win situation for everybody! When we get feedback, we may change some details on the prototype till it gets to the ideal goal.

After prototyping the project, we get into the development. Because we have a ready prototype and we know exactly what should be done on each user interface, and what is required for each functionality thanks to the reports, this phase would be cost-effective, and the client would get exactly the production version of the prototype. We develop an Agile methodology so that we separate tasks to a number of experts in each part. You don't need to be worried about development because you already saw the end product. When the development is done and the product gets ready, we test it with the real end users, of course after the number of tests that our team has done.

After passing all the tests, the Minimum Viable Product is ready for the market, with potential investors and phase one end users. But we have another phase!

Product introduced to the market, we have our agile sprint, and we may have some tasks to improve the project. The maintenance phase will start after the core of the smart contracts is deployed to the blockchain. The maintenance is designed for upgradable smart contracts and the user interface of web 3.0 projects. The reason is that other smart contracts cannot be edited once deployed and we make sure that they are audited before deploying on any public blockchain known as mainnet. We continuously test the user interface, APIs, and potential threads, and you just need to focus on the other sides of the business. We are a team of experts that are transparent about how we work and you can rely on us in every phase.

Tech stack that we use for blockchain development

We use Solidity which is Ethereum's native language to provide you high quality and audit-proof smart contracts for all EVM-compatible networks. We develop a strategy based on your business model, design, create & test smart contracts with industry-level test cases on the test net. We provide an audit report for the smart contract development to ensure everything is going on as we expected. Then deploy the tested smart contracts on the mainnet.

With audit-proof smart contracts, you will need a Dapp (Decentralized application) so that the end-user can interact with the smart contract easily. We create Dapps with React or Nextjs which cover all the smart contract functionalities.

Our team of blockchain developers consist of backend, front-end, and API developers ensure that your project is on its best track. We will test the platform from time to time to make sure it is working as expected.

We also develop projects based on agile methodologies and split projects to small tasks on a sprint board so that we will maintain the project in the least time needed. Also, any update on the project will be done easily as we have a full record of what we did and what should be done!


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