BlockchainFar is your

solution for website development, blockchain & web3.0 development

Bring on a team of experts to define, struct, design, build and maintain your website initiative.

BlockchainFar is an IT agency in Dubai that works with clients from around the world who are building great businesses that rely on technology. Many founders and stakeholders that are working on new software-driven initiatives need help translating their vision into a polished, market-ready website product. That’s where we come in.

Besides that, we help different businesses with their business website development and E-commerce development. Most small shops, after launching their online shop, are struggling with different problems. We create the strategy that works for you and is unique to your business. We define the path, build your shop, add your products, and create the buzz infront of your customers.

Our driving focus is setting clear expectations, providing top-notch communication, and delivering best-in-class web based products to our customers on time and on budget. With that, we hope to earn the privilege of having you as a long-term customer, and continue to perform as a vital part of your business.


Website development & Ecommerce development

When building websites, we excel at conceptualizing, designing, and developing custom features for complex web systems like those seen in our portfolio.

We use industry-leading languages for development like React, Nextjs, Node js for scaling applications, and C#, dotNet core for enterprise applications based on the needs and features, along with infrastructure built on Amazon Web services, Azure, Mongo DB, SQL Server.

We also work with multiple third-party frameworks to match your business, whether it's mapping, analytics toolboxes, or big data needs.

For businesses that are request a business website or E-commerce website, we use leading low code platforms such as Shopify and Wix with EditorX to break the price down and deliver the best quality website or e-commerce development services to our clients. This leads us to have a fast & efficient website development services for small businesses. Read more...


Blockchain & Web3

Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies are the new trend in the IT industry that just started and BlockchainFar is one of a few companies that provide blockchain development for custom projects.

We use Solidity which is Ethereum's native language to provide you high quality and audit-proof smart contracts for all EVM-compatible networks. We develop a strategy based on your business idea, design, create & test smart contracts with industry-level test cases on the test net, and then deploy the tested smart contracts on the mainnet.

With audit-proof smart contracts, you will need a Dapp (Decentralized application) so that the end-user can interact with the smart contract easily. We create Dapps with React or Nextjs which cover all the smart contract functionalities. Read more...